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LOVE & MADNESS welcomes you to the wondrous world of Gothic Romance and Literature. It is our pleasure to present the finest collection of stories and novels for your enchantment and terror.

Among our pages you shall find book reviews, curated reading lists, and an all-seeing magical book recommendation engine (the Oracle) to help you find thrilling tales that will surely keep you up at night. Reader Beware!
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BRAVE SOULS sought to join the SECRET SOCIETY. Behold unbeatable book deals! Discover sensational handpicked recommendations! Marvel at gloriously mysterious communiques from beyond! Enter your name and email below IF YOU DARE.

Never again shall you be without a great Gothic novel, friend. The ultimate form of automated book divination and recommendation is at your very fingertips. Curious patrons of all ages are invited to use its precognitive power for absolutely no cost. Amazing!

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