A Shiver of Blue: A Dark YA Gothic Romance

A Shiver of Blue: A Dark YA Gothic Romance
Published: 10/27/2017
Page Count: 240
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
For fans of dark, twisty tales. A ghostly presence. A girl who can't escape her past. Raised on a lonely farm with only her family for company, Caroline Rayburn knows death only too well. On the night her mother died, death tried to claim her too, leaving behind a dark presence in her life. When a distant relative comes to visit, dangerous secrets from the past begin to surface. But family secrets are not all that Caroline has to contend with. The ranch's newest employee, Nathan Fisher, seems determined to protect Caroline from the growing storm around her. Drawn to him, Caroline catches a glimpse of a normal life. But the closer Caroline gets to Nathan, the stronger the darkness in her life grows. Not knowing who to trust, Caroline must fight for her life as secrets and love collide.

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