The Lady in Yellow: A Victorian Gothic Romance

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Published: 12/25/2014
Page Count: 598
Goodreads Rating: 3.33
Heat Rating:
You've heard of the Woman in White and the Woman in Black, now meet The Lady in Yellow! Approaching her nineteenth birthday, Veronica Everly is on a train heading to a stately home in the wilds of Yorkshire to take on her first job as governess to two motherless children, Jacques and Jacqueline, twins so identical that together they are called "Jack." The secretive nature of the housekeeper, Mrs. Twig, strange books in the library, and the increasingly weird, disturbing antics of the twins bring up Veronica's deepest fears. But when she meets the twins' father, the dark, handsome and stormy Rafe de Grimston, her fate seems sealed. Belden House is full of mysteries. An unseen bell tolls, wolves prowl the grounds, and under the full moon, a lady appears in a yellow gown whose eyes run red with blood. There is a curse on Belden House that drives Rafe de Grimston to despair. It has something to do with the old church in the forest, Saint Lupine's. It has even more to do with the lady in yellow...

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