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ABOUT Gothic Romance and Fiction
The Gothic genres are designed to bring the reader into a state of pleasant terror. They're typically a mix of an atmosphere of gloom, horror, or mystery with characters that subvert the realm of the rational, civilized mind by engaging in perverse impulses, nightmarish terrors, and deep obsessions.

The hallmarks of Gothic fiction are horror (both psychological and physical), mystery, the supernatural, ghosts, haunted houses, castles, darkness, death, decay, doppelgangers, madness, secrets, and hereditary curses.

Common themes are anti-religion (especially criticism of the Roman Catholic Church), the romanticism of an ancient Medieval past, high drama, the supernatural, exposing what lies beneath the surface (figuratively and literally).

Typical characters of gothic fiction include tyrants, villains, bandits, maniacs, Byronic heroes, persecuted maidens, femmes fatales, madwomen, magicians, vampires, werewolves, monsters, demons, revenants, ghosts, the walking dead, and the Devil himself.

Gothics may be set in any era, historical or contemporary.

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This site was lovingly created and currently maintained by writer Naima Galeazzi who's working on her first Gothic novel.


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